Zoning Hearing Board

Any borough which has enacted a zoning ordinance must appoint a zoning hearing board.  The board is established to hear appeals on the validity of the zoning ordinance or map or any decision of the zoning officer.  In addition, the board has the power to grant variances and special exceptions to the ordinance.

The zoning hearing board must appoint its own solicitor to assist in its deliberations, written decisions and appeals.  The borough solicitor may not be the zoning hearing board solicitor since the opinions and decisions of the zoning hearing board may differ from the views of the Council.  Council may appeal a decision of the zoning hearing board to the courts.

The Parryville Zoning Hearing Board is a three-member quasi-judicial board consisting residents of the borough who may hold no other elected or appointed position.  The members are appointed by the Council.

Zoning Hearing Board Membership:

Michael Johnson – Term Ends 12/31/2023

Nick Kurek – Term Ends 12/31/2023

Daniel Graver – Term Ends 12/31/2023